Your DX Cluster Resource Connection

Please use this form to add or change a node. To change a node, type in the node callsign (including -ssid) and click on the "Recall" button at the bottom of the page. If the node is already in the database, when you submit, the new information you entered will replace the old. Any fields left empty in the submission form will be empty in the database.

To add a new node at the same QTH, RECALL the information from your other node, then change the node callsign and any other parameters that are different, then SUBMIT.

Submitting the form does some error checking. If there is an error, the text next to the entry box will be highlighted in RED. You must correct all errors before you can submit the form. If you don't believe the error is real, send E-mail to the webmaster.

You can also use the NOTES field if you can't find the correct drop-down box choice.

There is no way to delete a node that is already in the database. Send E-mail to the webmaster telling him the node you want to remove.

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Software version
Reverse Beacon Network [RBN] (choose Also if the node has both DX Cluster and RBN spots)
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State or Province or County or Department or Oblast or Prefecture or Region
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