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ABOUT PACKETCLUSTER - Developed by Dick Newell, AK1A during the late 1980's, PacketCluster™ software became the most popular and exciting way for Ham Radio operators interested in DX'ing (working the world) to exchange DX-related information. Today, over 20 years later, the software is still in use, however many nodes are replacing this software with AR-Cluster™, and other DX cluster software including CC Cluster, CLX, Clusse, DX Spider, DxNet and others.

See the DX Cluster Node Software Directory.

One station is set up with DX PacketCluster and is linked to one or more other stations who have installed the software. These nodes when connected are called a cluster. Clusters are connected to other clusters, expanding the network. Individual users connect to the nodes on a frequency different from what the node stations are linked on. Users are capable of announcing DX spots and related announcements, sending personal talk messages, sending and receiving mail messages, searching and retrieving archived data, and accessing data from information databases, among other features.

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THE INTERNET - The Internet has greatly augmented the way a DX Cluster network operates. Amateur radio stations are popping up worldwide running DX Cluster software, connecting to one another via the Internet using the telnet protocol, to collect DX spots, talk messages, announcements, and mail messages. Most all have RF access for local hams while a few do not, allowing a user to connect using telnet.

See the DX Cluster Telnet Directory.

WHERE PACKETCLUSTER IS TODAY - Cerulean Technology has joined forces with Aether Systems. PacketCluster Patrol™ is the flagship product, used by over 40,000 users in 650 law enforcement and fire/rescue agencies. If you have or know of DX Cluster related information that would be of value to the DX Cluster community, kindly e-mail the webmaster with the information or link, so everyone visiting DXCluster.Info may benefit. PacketCluster as used on this Website refers to the AK1A software.
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