PacketCluster User Commands

ANNOUNCE A msg Announcement to LOCAL users only
ANNOUNCE/nodecall A/call msg Announcement to users on node (call)
ANNOUNCE/FULL A/F msg Announcement to users on ALL NODES
BYE or QUIT B or Q Log off node
DELETE or KILL DE msg# or K # Delete a mail message
DIRECTORY or LIST DI or L List last 5 mail messages
DIRECTORY/ALL DI/A List all active mail messages
DIRECTORY/NEW DI/N List all new mail messages
DX DX fq call cmt Announce a DX station
HELP H or ? Brief command summary
KILL or DELETE K msg# or DE # Delete a mail message
LIST or DIRECTORY L or DI List last 5 mail messages
QUIT or BYE Q or B Log off node
READ R Read a mail message TO YOU
READ R msg# Read a specific mail message
READ R/filearea fn Read a file in a specified filearea
REPLY REP Reply to a read message TO YOU
REPLY/DELETE REP/D Reply to a read message & delete
SEND S all or call Send a mail message to (all) (call)
SEND/PRIVATE S/P call Send a PRIVATE mail message
SEND/RR S/RR call Send mail message with return receipt
SET/HERE SET/H Specify you're at the keyboard
SET/LOCATION SET/LO Enter your latitude/longitude
SET/NAME SET/NA Enter your name
SET/NEED SET/NE pfx,pfx Specify your needed countries
SET/NOHERE SET/NOH Specify you're away from keyboard
SET/NONEED SET/NON pfx Delete needed countries
SET/QTH SET/Q Enter your address/city
SHOW/ANNOUNCEMENT SH/AN Show last 5 TO ALL announcements
SHOW/BULLADDR SH/BULLA Show list of TO ALL mail addresses
SHOW/BULLETINS SH/BU Show files in BULLETIN files area
SHOW/CLUSTER SH/CL Show number of nodes & users
SHOW/COMMANDS SH/COM Show available DATABASE commands
SHOW/CONF/NODE SH/C/N Show nodes connected
SHOW/CONFIGURATION SH/C Show nodes and users connected
SHOW/DX SH/D Show last 5 DX announcements
SHOW/DX SH/D band Show last 5 DX spots on (band)
SHOW/DX SH/D call Show last 5 DX spots for (call)
SHOW/DX SH/D frq1 frq2 Show DX spots between Freq1-Freq2
SHOW/FILES SH/FI Show files in GENERAL files area
SHOW/HEADING SH/H prefix Show beam heading to a country
SHOW/LOCATION SH/LOC call Show lat/long/distance for user
SHOW/LOG SH/LOG Show last 5 system log entries
SHOW/LOG SH/LOG call Show system log for user (call)
SHOW/MUF SH/MU prefix Show MUF to country (prefix)
SHOW/NEED SH/NE call Show country needs of user (call)
SHOW/NEED SH/NE prefix Show user calls needing (prefix)
SHOW/NOTICE SH/NO Show (review) local node notice
SHOW/PREFIX SH/PR prefix Show country assigned and zones
SHOW/STATION SH/ST call Show information on user (call)
SHOW/SUN SH/SU prefix Show sunrise/sunset for (prefix)
SHOW/USERS SH/U Show users logged onto local node
SHOW/USERS/FULL SH/U/F Show users logged onto all nodes
SHOW/USER SH/U call Show NAME/QTH of user (call)
SHOW/WWV SH/W Show last 5 WWV announcements
TALK T call Enter talk mode to a user (call)
TALK T call msg Send a 1-line message to user (call)
TYPE TY fn.ext Display a file in BULLETIN area
TYPE/FILES TY/FI fn.ext Display a file in GENERAL area
UPDATE UPD/filename Update a DATABASE file (restricted)
UPLOAD/BULLETIN UPL/BU fn.ext Upload a file to BULLETIN file area
UPLOAD/FILE UPL/FI fn.ext Upload a file to GENERAL file area
WWV WWV sfi=,a=,k= Send Solar Flux as reported on WWV
EXIT MESSAGE /EXIT Enter command on a new line to exit

This is not a complete command list, but contains the most used user commands.